but you guys just imagine

Regina and Emma finishing up the magic lesson, Emma is all shocked and elated that she did it and regina just smiles at her and she goes ‘I knew you could do it, Emma’

Then Emma looks at her adorably and bursts her lips ’ You really do believe in…

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Either Emma and Regina are supposed to be the slow-burn romantic endgame of Once Upon a Time, or the show is operating from so foreign a perspective to my own I might as well spend the hour from 8pm to 9pm on Sundays with a soup pot over my head, sipping bourbon through a straw and singing Christmas Carols. Lily Sparks; Captain of the SS Swan Queen and probably my soulmate
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Regina just causally strolls into their apartment

Emma and Regina just chilling in the apartment

Emma suggest Granny’s and Regina doesn’t doubt that she’s involved

This is GOLD

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Okay all jokes aside, let’s talk serious stuff.


I feel that this is the one of the key episodes that shows a little about where and how the show is going to go.

The Jolly Roger it is entitled. We see more of Hook in this past year but really this whole episode has strong undertones of Swan Queen and how Hook can help make that happen. Hear me out.

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I think Adam and Eddy have finally managed to surprise SWEN because did anyone expect:

Regina and Emma alone time in Snows apartment?!

Regina having family dinner with the Charmings?!

Emma laughing at whatever Regina said when Hook was watching her?!

Because if you did I need to follow you because you are somehow psychic.

SERIOUSLY! I was sitting giggling like a five year old the whole episode because of all that “fluff” stuff! Waaaaay to go Adam and Eddy!

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Soooo. Magic. Lesbihonest.
  • Emma: Regina enough! Stop this!
  • Regina: No, you stop this! NO MORE HAND HOLDING.
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